Growing together


The aim of yOUng is to support and maintain the professional and social network of young employees of the Open Universiteit. We represent and facilitate the embedding of this network within the departments of the organization as well as within regional professional networks.


To achieve the aims of yOUng we function primarily as a representative and a contact point for any issue that is encountered. Secondarily we organize activities to stimulate networking, careers and the potential of yOUng employees. These activities can be lectures, courses, network meetings, company visits or other professional or social meetings. Announcements of these activities will be send by email and published on the intranet of the OU. You can also sign up for our calendar that will invite you for upcoming activities.


Due to an increasing amount of international employees of the Open Universiteit, the communication of yOUng will be primarily in English. You can reach yOUng by sending an email to the board of yOUng via or visit our yOUng Facebook group. Please feel free to send us your questions, remarks, advice or anything that you would like share.


The board of yOUng consists of: Daniele Di Mitri, Katya Mulder, Manon Quint-Fens, Laurie Delnoij, Mari Ader . If you like to be part of this board or want to play an active role in , please contact us by email via or in person!

Stay Tunned

You can subscribe to our calendar here!


Contact yOUng organization

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on the organization, give us suggestions for new events or activites, or to just say hello!